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woven geotextile manufacturers in India

Welcome to the SUNTECH® – Leading Woven Geotextile Manufacturers in India.

SUNTECH® woven geotextiles are individual threads and tapes that are woven on a loom. The weaving process is same as textile cloth making. The main production polymer is 100% polypropylene (PP).

  • Features
  • Technical
  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® woven geotextile fabrics strive to provide dimensional stability and deliver superior load distribution.
  • SUNTECH® woven geotextile is used for sub- base reinforcement in roads, filtration & drainage media in roads & retaining walls, slope protection, erosion control structures, ground stabilization, landscaping, etc.
  • SUNTECH® woven geotextile has excellent chemical resistance to the environment.
  • SUNTECH® woven geotextile combines filtration properties with high water permeability.

Roll size- 100 m X 5 m

    • Paved and unpaved Roadways
    • Railways
    • Flood control
    • Landfills
    • Tunnels
    • Landscaping
    • Construction works