Extruded Geogrids are manufactured by stretching the punched sheet of polypropylene different directions depending upon the production of the type of geogrid i.e. uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial. This process results in a product with high tensile strength and modulus in the stretched directions i.e. Machine direction or Cross machine direction or both. The resulting geogrid apertures are either square or rectangular.
  • Features
  • Technical
  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® Extruded Geogrids are available with different strength parameters with different aperture size for various applications as per the customer requirement.
  • It creates a stiffer aggregating layer which reduces the vertical stresses and improves the load distribution generated by the overlying structure.
  • It provides a chain system to provide more efficient bearing and spreading reinforcement for the soft soil.
  • The Geogrids structural junctions, rigid ribs and thick walls help in locking aggregates and increasing its shear resistance.

Roll Size -

25m X 3.95m
50m X 3.95m

    • Railway Track bed stabilization
    • Basal reinforcement of embankments
    • Bridge & Railway abutments
    • Retaining walls & RE Walls
    • Reinforcement of granular road base and sub base
    • Reinforced soil slopes
    • Reinforced foundation over piles
    • Load transfer platforms