Welcome to the SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE – # 1 Geotextile manufacturers in India.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE is high quality manufacturer and supplier of Geosynthetic products which holds a good market presence since its establishment in the year 2013. In a very short span of time SUNTECH® emerged as a leading brand in geotextile segment across the globe.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE has production capacity of 7000 tons or 30 million square meter per annum with two production lines for a maximum width upto 4.5 meters as well as 6 meters.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE is an organization born out of this very philosophy, using state-of-the-art technology, process and infrastructure, combined with world class professionals and human resources.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE is committed to provide its expertise through its quality products in Civil engineering applications, Environmental protection work and various Industrial applications.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE is devoted to provide quality Technical Textiles to meet today’s advanced engineering requirements for Stabilization, Separation, Filtration, Reinforcement, Drainage and Erosion control.

SUNTECH® GEOTEXTILE has already started intensively to communicate the benefits of Geosynthetics to Governmental organizations, engineering houses and contracting companies.