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Welcome to the SUNTECH® – Leading Geogrid Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

SUNTECH® Geogrid is a polymeric material made up of many polymers like polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol polypropylene etc. It is one of the most important inventions in geosynthetics which is used as a reinforcing material. They formed by joining intersecting ribs. They have large open spaces in between the ribs known as “apertures”.

SUNTECH® Geogrids can be classified in to two layers based on the stress transfer or direction of stretching during manufacture as –

  1. Uniaxial Geogrid – It is stretched only along longitudinal direction. Thus the stress is transferred only along that axis; even the tensile strength is more in longitudinal direction compared to transverse direction.
  2. Biaxial Geogrid – It is stretched along two directions (longitudinal and transverse), thus the stress is equally distributed along both directions.
  • Features
  • Technical
  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids promote soil stabilization.
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids provide higher load bearing capacity.
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids are flexible in nature and are well known for their versatility.
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids have high durability which reduces maintenance cost.
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids are highly resistant to environmental influences.
  • SUNTECH® Geogrids are easy to install which results in faster construction.

Roll Size - 100 m X 3.8 m

    • Roads, Rail tracks and air fields
    • Area stabilization
    • Load transfer platforms
    • Ground Reinforcement