SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric which has an excellent air permeability and oil permeability , and a non – permeability to water . It acts as oil – water separating filter.

SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric are used to remove oil from a surface contaminated with oil,simply by spreading elongated fabric on the surface of the oil to absorb the oil.

It has been considered as a possible alternative or substitute for density- based separation .

  • Features
  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric helps to deal with all types of spills, leakages, and drips, helping to contain them in the first place or clean up afterward.
  • SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric are strong, durable product is particularly handy for use with machinery which may leak or spray and can be cut into any configuration as required.
  • SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric design aids the rapid soaking up of liquids, which can then be wrung out so the product can be reused.
  • SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric can be used in cleaning, containment, and prevention of any possible oil or chemical leakage areas.
  • SUNTECH® Oil Absorbent Fabric can be used in Marine Emergency Rescue which can save the damage done to marine and shoreline facilities.
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Harbor & Aviation
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Military
  • Food Procession Industry
  • Off shore where oil transporting vessels are transported
  • Chemical Industry