SUNTECH® Geocomposites consist of a combination of geotextile and geogrid; or geogrid and geomembrane; or geogrid and geotextile and geomembrane; or any one of these three materials with another material.

SUNTECH® Drainage Geocomposite normally consists of a polymer sheet core covered by a geotextile acting as a filter and separator on one or both sides.

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  • Applications
  • SUNTECH® Geocomposites are used in construction and civil engineering applications for drainage applications. Drainage is defined as the collection and transportation of rainwater, groundwater or other fluids such as leachates and gases.
  • SUNTECH® Geocomposite drainage systems are being increasingly used as a more effective and economic alternative to traditional granular based solutions.
Roll size- 100 m X 2.5 m
    • Roads, Rail Tracks and Airfields
    • Factory and Warehouse Floors
    • Reinforced soil walls and slopes
    • Retaining walls, Basement walls
    • Embankments, slopes