SUNTECH® Root shield is a geotextile manufactured from polyester fibers. It provides excellent resistance to root development. Tree roots grow very close to the surface and are the cause of considerable damage. Structures with shallow foundations can be undermined. Damaged pipes, or pipes with faulty joints, can become blocked by roots. 
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  • SUNTECH® ROOT SHIELD is a control barrier to protect buildings, walls, paths, access roads, drainage pipes and underground cables from root damage.
  • SUNTECH® ROOT SHIELD is also used for drainage pipes, cables and lawns from potential damage caused by root development.
  • SUNTECH® ROOT SHIELD has high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and is capable of withstanding the differential forces that can develop in clay soils.
ProductSize (m)GSMCSR Puncture ResistanceTensile StrengthMaterial
    • Root guidance to prevent uncontrolled spreading
    • Protection of sidewalls or other constructions
    • Separation of plants to preserve all plants